The ultimate solution for a wide variety of Mediterranean cuisine selections with a Middle Eastern touch, prepared with a healthy, calorie controlled manner and delivered at your doorstep on time!
You can either visit our Home page by clicking on the “GET STARTED” button or check our Meals & Pricing page giving you access to our Meal Plans. You can then select one of the options either the “Be WeightLoss Classic” , the “Be Vegetarian” Plan, the "Be Fit" or the "Be Kid".
We are offering our popular “WeightLoss Classic Meal Plan” prepared for people without any special food preferences , the “Vegan Meal Plan” for those who wish to follow a plant based diet, the "Fitness Meal Plan" for those who want to focus on muscle build up and the "Kids Meal Plan" for our little ones. All our plans are gluten & sugar free.
Subscribing for a Meal Plan can only been done in advance at least two (3) days before the preferred starting date.
We prepare All Day Meal Plans which include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and Half Day Meal Plans which can be any desired meal combination. All you have to do is order online or fill up your request on our Contact Form or send us a message through WhatsApp and one of our company representatives will be glad to assist you.
The price of each Meal Plan is not fixed but it’s dependent on the individual member’s commence date, on the food preferences, the plan duration plus the selection of “Fix” or “Flex” option. Click here for more details.
The subscription for the Meal Plan is completed through our website. You can pay online using either a Debit or Credit card (VISA or MasterCard) through our secure gateway application.
Whichever your selection might be (WeightLoss Classic, Vegan, Fitness, Kids) all of our Meal Plans consist of full day meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks and Water) or half day meals according to your selection.
The earliest you can start receiving your meals is two (3) days after you have completed the online registration and payment for the chosen plan.
In order to achieve a balanced diet we have provided two options to choose for all the meals so as to give you the maximum possible variety ensuring food repetition is avoided within consecutive days.
You can change your meal selection but this has to be done through your profile at least three (3) days before the delivery date!
During the initial subscription for a meal plan and after accessing and registering your profile there is a page for Allergies. By carefully completing this page up we will get to know of any allergies, intolerances, likes or dislikes the particular customer might have so as to customize the meals according to the preferences and health concerns of each individual.
Upon completing your subscription you are guided to fill up all the relevant personal information such as allergies/intolerances, delivery address etc. When all above is completed and as long as you don’t get a red warning sign on any of your profile pages you are then ready to proceed to the meals selection.
We are using premium ingredients to prepare all of our meals without any additives or preservatives.
All our meals are prepared and freshly cooked before delivery to your doorstep. But in the rare instance of a delivery delay your meal might not reach you in the desired temperature. It is then recommended to heat it up. All of our food containers are suitable for microwave use so you can safely place them in the microwave for a couple of minutes.
The meal is prepared to be consumed upon delivery. If for some reason you decide to eat it later then keep it in a refrigerator and reheat when needed. We don’t provide an expiration date for the meals as such but it is recommended to be consumed within the day.
Our dishes are healthy, calorie controlled and nutritionally balanced. Due to the fact that we currently provide only Lunch meal packages we can’t be precise on the exact weight one can lose using our plan as there are other factors like BMI, other meals consumed during the day or the individual’s health history which may alter the result of a weight loss. If you are looking for a more precise, personalized and complete diet plan we can further assist you by booking an appointment with our partner, renowned clinical dietician Dr Dana Al Hamwi through our website and get benefit from our promotion. For more information click here.
If you would like to visit our partner nutritionist to get some more personalized advice you can click here and fill up the form. One of our company representatives will get in touch with you soon to verify your preferred appointment date & time.
Subscription cancellation is accepted only under extenuating circumstances and is subject to company approval. For a detailed description of our Terms & Conditions you can check here .
Rescheduling of delivery date or time has to be done in advance through your profile at least one (1) day before the delivery date and not after 12:00pm!
Whichever doubt you may have you can check all of our FAQs here and if you are still having further questions we would be more than happy to assist you. Kindly fill up the Contact Form or drop us a message through WhatsApp and one of our team members will contact you soon after that.
Be Balance delivers in all United Arab Emirates.
For all UAE the delivery timings are: 08:00am - 06:00pm.
No, you cannot personally collect your order. All of our orders are being delivered through our delivery network.
Yes you can specify the address you want in advance at least one (1) day before the delivery date and not after 12:00pm through your Profile account page. In the odd case of a last minute change you can send us a message through WhatsApp with your address change request. We can’t guarantee the delivery of a last minute address change especially if the driver is already on the way but we will do our best to assist you.